Monday, May 4


I don't usually do this, post something on this blog solely to get it out there, to do everything within my power to get it into circulation. But this has to be seen. By everyone. A big thank you to my friend Nicole, who posted it on Facebook today. I might have missed it...

The film is not released yet--it is opening at the Tribeca Film Festival later this month. But when it is released, we all need to go see it. We need to go see it not only to educate ourselves and to equip us to be informed advocates, but to support the brave filmmaker who has taken this on and who will surely pay for his efforts.

Move over, Roger Moore.

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ConverseMomma said...

It makes sense. That much rage? So much freaking rage tied into their own self-hatred. How sick and how sad. It goes back to your last post. We need to change society so little boys and girls do not grow up to be angry men and women who take their self-hate out on the world. Tolerance is not enough. Love and understanding have to be the new world order.