Monday, May 18

The Fine Points

Today's philosophical question brought to you courtesy of my nine-year-old daughter. Deep.

She was sitting on my bed this morning, messin' with her toes, pushing some toes down, leaving other ones sticking up. And then there it was:

"Is it a swear if you do it [give someone "the finger"] with your toes?"

Excellent question, my exception-for-every-rule kid.

I'm thinking she's gonna have plenty of her own "Hmm's" any minute now.


Crazy Mo said...

That is an excellent question. I'll have to remember that next time I want to flip someone the toe.

Anna said...

My question for yesterday was "Mom, does every finger have a name?"

I should say questions, because they never end...her next question was "Well, why do they call this one (middle finger) the swear finger?"

Audrey said...

Awesome question! What was the answer?

Audrey said...

OK--I have now decided MY answer: it's all a matter of intent. So--yes, it's a swear if you intend it to be one. And no, it's not, if you're just sitting around toe-playing and the middle toe just happens to stick up. Make sense? Of course!