Monday, May 11

Limbo Redux

You know, it's a horrible concept, really. Limbo. Read about it. I did. Yikes. And we just go throwing those words around like they don't mean much of anything.

See, I was gonna use it to describe the current, if temporary (thank god for small favors) state of my life. But being the slightly insane researcher that I am, I thought "Hmm. Is that the right word?" Yeah, I think too much. And on that note, I just wanna say right here that the current state of technology and access to information is Not A Good Thing for people who think too much. Just so's you know.

So I looked it up. Yeah, I know it's also a game/dance where one leans backward under a stick. That wasn't the limbo that I meant, and you know it, even if only because who would use bending your knees and feet at unnatural angles and holding your body in gravity-defying horizontal positions to the ground and hyperextending your neck backwards to describe their life? Not me, anyway. Although....

No, it was the other limbo. But now that's out.

So, being the ever flexible wordsmith that I am, I made an adjustment. Ah...No Man's Land. That's what I meant in the first place!

Damn. I looked that up too. Some people never learn, and I'm one of 'em. I did find (and get lost in) a rather odd book from the early 20th century (remember way back in the 20th century?) called "Alice in One Dear Land", which integrated Lewis Carroll's classic into Australian politics . Kinda interesting. But other than that, I found out that it's a battlefield. Lots of gory pictures that I'm not inclined to post here. Yeeh.

So I guess what I'm just gonna say is that I'm in an uncomfortable space between two (actually way more than two) things, not really moving, but primed for motion (which is a lot better than the alternative). Between lives, between selves, between perceptions, between paradigms. Opening a lot of doors, and hoping none of them have the proverbial lion behind them.

One of the doors, I'm gonna walk through pretty soon here, after I come to terms with the ones that have closed (that's coming along) and, more importantly, get a grip on the idea that I can't walk through two (or three or four) doors at the same time (being only one human body, y'know), which is really my inclination (it can cause quite a delay to try to figure out how to clone oneself, I found that out). Stepping over thresholds just isn't one of my strong points. So I'll let you know how that door thing goes.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that this--whatever it is--ain't for cowards. I'm thinking that pretty much sums it all up--sticks, musics, soldiers, Catholics, and Australians included. Stay tuned.

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