Monday, May 4

Exit, Staaaage Left

Heavens to Murgatroyd....the ground bees are gone!

Pretty much gone as of May 1, but there were a dozen or so stragglers. Now all but one or two seem to have gone their merry way, and my yard is habitable once again. Hooray! Right around six weeks, just like the websites predicted. Cool.

Thank goodness for natural soil aerators....

...and praised bee (sorry) for the wonder of nature, as exhibited by flawlessly round holes.

Till next spring, guys!


Brian said...

In what principality are you located? Here in the Pacific Northwest, the ground bees are still doing their dress rehearsal. Opening "night" should be sometime soon, but the show will go on most of the summer. Can I come stay with you?

Robin said...

Oh. I'm so sorry.

I'm in the Boston area. says on the websites that they're only supposed to be around for 6-8 weeks. Or is that because I was northeast-centric in my searches?

Wow. Can't imagine having 'em all summer. Any chance of planting a healthy ground cover next year? I hear that helps...

Susan said...

After spending five years with my darling bee family, I too, decided to "do what I do - look 'em up".
I was grumpy about my information gathering endeavor until I came upon your most eloquent description of my EXACT experience.
The bees can stay (for a few weeks at least) and I can smile about it now. Thanks!

Robin said...

Glad it made you smile, Susan. Around these parts, they're back--Now in Town for their 2010 Appearance!!!