Thursday, May 21

Closing the Barn Door Redux

So apparently, they're after craigslist. I'm sure you've heard about it on the radio. Or on the TV, if you're that sort. The latest word is that craigslist is fighting back. More power to 'em.

It's another damn example of what I wrote about quite a while back. Someone puts a bomb in their shoe, we take off our shoes. Someone has a liquid explosive, we can't take water on planes anymore. A terrorist parks his rental car in Terminal B at Logan, car trunks are individually checked going into Terminal B at Logan (but of course not at other lots). Kids shoot kids in school, we put in metal detectors. Kids deal drugs, we strip search students for two aspirin. Kids kill themselves, and we start a discussion of bullying and homophobia. And now, someone is killed as a result of an ad they placed on craigslist, and we demand that craigslist eliminate those sorts of ads.

As if there aren't other ways to carry explosives. As if there are not other weapons or other ways to get them into schools. As if kids can't hurt one another outside of schooltime (or maybe it doesn't matter then, as long as the school administration doesn't have liability?). As if these problems did not exist prior to reaching crisis proportions or outside of the current context.

As if there aren't countless other ways to meet someone, endless places, online and off, to advertise for erotic services, escort services, massage services, whatever you want to call it. As if this is in any way related to the bulletin board on which it was posted.

When people die of food poisoning, it's not the plate's fault.

We are so stupid in this country.

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This Eclectic Life said...

"stupid" or "paranoid?" Or are they the same thing?