Sunday, June 28

Well, Hello There, Mr. Frederickson

Damn, I love it when things like this happen. I love discovering things like this. I know they do stuff like this on purpose all the time, but god, I love the moment of noticing.

I mean, here I am, just sitting here, thinking that after a seven hour chorus board meeting today, I just don't have anything in particular to say, and here it is only two more days to go in June, and I've managed to post every day this month without any extreme pain or contortions, and then I open Parade magazine (I love the Sunday paper, even more so for the inserts), and there ya go.

Have you seen the Pixar film Up yet? Oh...see it. (Squirrel!) And when you do, keep this in mind.

This is even better than Fenton's Ice Cream. God, I love movie people.

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