Friday, June 26


Governor Mark Sanford (S.C.)
Senator John Ensign (R, Nevada)
Senator John Edwards (D, N.C., Candidate for President)
Representative Vito Fosella (R, New York)
Governor David Paterson (N.Y.)
Governor Eliot Spitzer (N.Y.)
Senator David Vitter (R, Louisiana)

(and these are just politicians.  and these are just recent.  
and this is just a quick pass, there are more)

It is abudantly clear that heterosexual men do not have respect for the sanctity of marriage, nor do they believe in and abide by the one-man one-woman rule.  

Yes.  I'm generalizing.  What's good for the goose, ya know?

I just want it known, right here, and right now, that we should demand a series of citizens petitions, changing the marriage laws--we could called it the Defense of Marriage Act...catchy name, eh?--to prohibit straight men (0r maybe just elected officials) from getting married.  The point, we are reminded again and again, is about stability for children, the sanctity of one man-one woman, and the laws of God.  

So which way is it going to be, boys?

We're waiting.


Audrey said...

You are so right. Those heterosexual men. They're a disgrace, and bad examples for our children. We don't want our sons growing up with them as role models. Circulate the petition--I'll sign!

Robin said...

Excellent. One down, 999,999 to go.

My goals are modest.