Wednesday, June 3

Brave New Voices, Indeed

I was just made aware of this, from Brave New Voices, which I've also never heard of before.

I am crying with admiration. I feel an obligation to pass it on.

Look for a clip of the show online, if you can. A packed auditorium, filled with most African-American youth, chanting "PO-E-TRY! PO-E-TRY! PO-E-TRY!", as if they were at the NCAA playoffs. Did I die in my sleep? Is this heaven? Oh. My. God.

These kids, these generations, they're gonna save the world.


j12_chilli said...

Brave new voices is an HBO series that follows a nationwide slam poetry contests. These kids come from all over. if you get the chance look up russel simmons presents brave new voices. this is heven.

Robin said...

Yeah, I found that out. Incredible stuff. Thanks for letting me know. Who knew there were such tremendous young poets out there.

Pat said...

i've been recording these. maybe our next poet laureate is out there right now!