Saturday, June 6

Chew Quietly? Is that what it means?

Today, I have a shortage of time, and an abundance of genuine, good-old-fashioned, as-it-was-intended-in-the-beginning things that I don't get.

So I'm gonna be brief (don't fall over).

What the hell is up with that Snickers public relations campaign? What does it mean? Is there anyone out there that gets it? Whose idea was this? Are they on drugs? Have you met anyone who says "That is a great campaign!", as opposed to, say, "Wha...?"

They call it Snickers Speak, apparently.

For the second time in a week...WTF?

I mean, this one, I kinda even get, it kinda even makes sense:

But what the hell does THIS mean?

Okay, one more question and then I really gotta go (concert tonight!). The best (and most humiliating) question of all: does the fact that I'm wondering, writing, and blogging about it mean that it worked?

I have visions of ad execs doing the hokey-pokey in party hats at this very moment. All because of me. And maybe you.



Anonymous said...


Robin said...

And that's supposed to make me want a Snickers bar?

Anonymous said...

No, it's supposed to make you think of Snickers randomly throughout your day. Brainwashing.

Anonymous said...

Stupid things don't make me hungry. I'd say snickers failed.