Friday, April 3

Third Time's the Charm

You know what they Iowa goes, so goes the nation!

Wanna waltz?

No, I haven't forgotten about the post I wrote on March 15, explaining how I don't get this (ad nauseum, no less). I so disagree with the emphasis on marriage as a "magic bullet"--like for example, I find this completely ridiculous:

Seems sorta akin to the claim that racism is dead and gone because we have elected a biracial man as President. It makes me shake my head, it's so silly.

At the same time, I am obviously strongly in favor of any and all civil rights victories, because as ridiculous as I find the exaggerated emphasis, I find the barriers to civil rights far more ridiculous.

And in Iowa? And unanimous? Who would thunk it? Another stereotype blown all to hell. I've been walking around singing songs from The Music Man all day. I'm just that kind of musical geek. (sorry if that blows some sort of image for you).

All in all, I can't help feeling touched for the leap in civil rights, for the mounting evidence in support of my (and others') theory at the time that the laws changed in Massachusetts that no matter what happens, time doesn't move backwards. Once things are out of the box, they never fit back in quite the same way again. I can see the dominoes beginning to fall. Great visual.

So, hooray for Iowa, hooray for common sense and civility, and hooray for the couples and families who I imagine might be feeling a little like this tonight:


Anonymous said...

nice to meet my twin! it's funny we both referenced Field of Dreams.

Anonymous said...

It was a nice victory in the moment. With rights issues, pushing the envelope means wins and losses, but it also means making people think and re-evaluate.

A long way to go, but unexpectedly nice to see.

ConverseMomma said...

Iowa of all places. Well slap me silly, I did a little jig of happiness this morning upon reading the news. It's about freaken time!