Sunday, April 12

A Parallel Universe

So it turns out that I live backwards. No joke.

This is something I learned today. Oh, and that lots of people are worried about their yards being taken over by ground bees. But the first thing is more interesting.

I'm sitting here saying to myself that I really ought to think this out better before I try to explain it in writing, and that's no doubt true. But sometimes, I figure things out through writing, and this, it appears, is going to have to be one of those things. In the meantime, I have enough trust to believe the words as they come to me, and this time, they're telling me that I live backwards. Who am I to argue? Okay. Fine. I live backwards.

Here are some examples:

I know things before they happen, instead of after.
I prefer being underwater (where humans cannot breathe) rather than on land (where we can, unless we live in Los Angeles).
I have an unusual fondness for spelling and pronouncing names backwards, starting with my insistence, at age 8, that I be referred to as Nibor, which I still think is a great name.
I often read magazines from the back. (Maybe this is why I don't read mysteries)
I have hot flashes that start in my feet, even though I read everywhere that they start in the head or neck.
I eat dessert first.

There are lots more.

I'm thinkin' this explains a lot of things.

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ConverseMomma said...

When I pick up a book, I have to read the very last word first. I read it and just lay on the couch imagining how the entire story can just end on that one word. I then start at the beginning and read my way into that word. I've done it since I was a child. And as for dessert, yes, to be eaten first or something only.