Sunday, March 15

Troubled insurance giant AIG is under scrutiny after receiving at least $170 billion in federal bailout money.

Okay.  How could ANYONE get this?

Bailout:  $170 million.

Bonuses:  $165 million.

So THAT'S why my I'm behind in my bills and clipping coupons.  Glad to have that cleared up.

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Pat said...

i can't even let myself go there because i'd be ready to be committed. no seriously. this is exctly the kind of thing that puts me over the edge. and i mean seriously. and i mean over the edge.
i have this battle a lot: should i vociferously object to no end or just turn off the tube?
the govt reps talk about not violating contract laws with AIG. BULLSHIT! this is how contract law gets written and how new codes are developed. BECAUSE SOMEONE DECIDED TO CHALLENGE THE LAW.I hate to say this but Obama has lost his nerveand everything else. I honestly cannot understand how ANYONE can put the corporate environment before the people. I'm starting to feel ripped off by the big O.Washington is so adrift in bullshit, they can't even be honest with themselves.this makes me completely sick.