Saturday, March 21

Harold Loves Maude....

...if you know the second half of that sentence, you get extra credit....and if you're the first to provide a written description of the visual associated with the sentence, you get extra extra credit....and if you still have, maybe from childhood, the small item that is easily associated with it, and you post what it says in the comment section, you get extra extra EXTRA credit!

Yes. There is a prize. (This offer nullified if any of your answers required even one iota of "research" rather than emanating solely from your memory stores. Yes, I'll know. I have ways.)

I bet you think now I'm going to write about love, about loss, about unlikely matches, about sappiness, about momentos, about a movie that I have seen more times than I like to admit.


I'm writing because I have a secret desire (well, not anymore).  The persistent object of my lust (I know. It's sad).  A Harvard Metal-Typer.  Now you know.  

Metal Typer by gwen.

I have a tiny tiny house. But I would fit it in.

Did you use one of these machines as a child?  I sure did.  

So, if you're in a store and you see one of these languishing in a corner, call me right away. Have Subaru, will travel.

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29moons said...

...and Maude loves Harold.

I was in Santa Cruz today and went to the arcade where the metal-typer from the movie is. The wooden case looks different but the actual machine looks pretty close to the one that Harold used. The machine is located directly across from the first hole oh the mini golf course. yes. I got myself a token that reads "HAROLD LOVES MAULD". Notice that I spelled that wrong, I was very tired and spelled Maude wrong. I have pics of the machine and the token if you want.