Friday, March 13

Fat Girls Deserve T-Shirts Too

This is the kind of thing that moved me to call this blog "Here's What I Don't Get".

This morning, on Facebook,  a friend of mine posted about a great event being promoted by the American Heart Association.  It's called Start, and it's a big PR campaign about getting everyone to start walking.  They are promoting National Start Walking Day on April 8.  Great idea.  

I'm a sucker for a hook, and I've been trying to get more of this kind of thing in my life, so I checked it out.  I'm also a sucker for a t-shirt (long sleeved even more so).  I'm thinking I like the logo, I like the idea, I like the organization, and the t-shirt might be its own little motivator. click and  I'm off to the American Heart Association Shop!  Yay!

So I get there, and I see even a better t-shirt than the one I first saw.  Black, long sleeved (more yay), with bright green people walking on it. 

 Cool!  I'm in.

And then....and then....I discover that they don't sell it in any sizes larger than XL.  And I'm thinking what the f?  The American Heart Association lists obesity as a "major risk factor" for heart disease (not that we don't know that), promotes exercise, even goes so far as to start a whole durn campaign to get us all walking, and then---albeit in one small way--snubs people who are overweight?  

No, of course I don't need the t-shirt to walk (and actually, an XL would be just fine, though I often buy bigger because I like 'em big and baggy).  Of course, I will (and do) walk anyway.  And you should too.   As our favorite ex-con Martha Stewart says, it's a Good Thing.

Another thing you should do is call (1-800-233-1230) or send off an email to the American Heart Association, pointing out that they might include a wider range of sizes in their promotions.  Think Target Market.  Do it today, if only so that I don't feel like the only dope to point this out.  

Of course, to add insult to injury, the contact email address on the Start merchandise website bounces back as not valid, so you need to write them here: 

(which kinda makes me think that the message reaches a marketing firm rather than the AHA, so also email them via this form)

Thanks.  And grrr.

POSTCRIPT:  I just got the following email back:


As a 2xl woman myself, we have been sending emails such as these to the ears of American Heart.  They know the needs and hopefully we can get them to add larger shirts.  Thank you for the feedback.

Dianne Villarreal
Senior Account Relationship Manager

Cool.  It sounds totally worth it for as many of you to email as are so inclined!  She also indicated that a similar campaign led to 2xl and 3xl shirts for the GoRed campaign, so it's clear that they are listening.


Anonymous said...

I guess it took too much common sense for them to initially make the shirts in the sizes of their target audience. Kind of like hot dogs that come in packs of 10 and buns in packs of 8. Actually I wouldn't know since I haven't bought a hot dog in years so maybe that discrepancy has been improved.

Pat said...

the *good* hot dog makers have kind of figured this out now. not that i've had any hot dogs this year but that's what i've read in the newspapers...

Pat said...

I love you so much Robin! I like how you just put yourself out there. I'm pretty good at that too until I sit down in front of the computer and consider creating a blog. Then the mind goes completely blank and I start I drooling.
Personally I don't consider you fat. I think you're pleasingly busy-- which doesn't leave a lot of time for just you. Now me? I used to be a svelte 105 for years then, I started working in chairy chairy jobs and BAM! here I am at 180#. ok, well, if I'm honest i went to the doctor this week to find out if i have tendonitis and they came up with 196#. I refused to believe that. you know how they let those little weights slip and slide all over the place. ironically i started a diet on monday which has gone swimmingly until today when i had 1/2 a chopped chicken liver sandwich and a cup of matzo ball soup.this is easily justifiable: chicken livers and hard boiled egg are FREE. I will be living down the bread and matzo ball for about a week!
i love to walk too which is why it's so frustrating having my feet out of commission, so to speak. but, between the docs and my acupuncturist, i should be good to go soon. Walking is especially critical living in Seattle where EVERYONE walks EVERYWHERE. 24/7. 365.
So, call me an xxl but just don't call me fat.