Sunday, November 12

This morning, I was in the newspaper! (sorta)

Well, would you looky here (is that how you spell looky? or is it lookie?) I couldn't resist, after that first entry, putting this up on the blog. As you may (or may not!) have noticed (or maybe you just thought I was a tease), I have had no time or energy to write (it can be exhausting to cogitate excessively on what you don't get, ya know), so I thought I'd pass this on, and write more later on the many events of the week. You would think I would have been typing my not-so-little fingers off with the change in power, the Rumsfeld demise, the defeat of the anti-gay movement in Massachusetts, the election of an African-American Democrat to the governorship of Massachusetts, the departure of Rick Santorum, and, of course, the Britney/Kevin split.

Think again.

I'm no pundit. This is no place too look for savvy political commentary. I know, I know, you thought I was so well-informed. Nah, I'm just opinionated. I could write for hours on how I don't get why no one makes home fries as good as the Brick Hut (sob) in Berkeley used to make them, and why no one else (that I've ever encountered) has ever seemed to catch on to their idea of making them with somewhat burnt and largely unrecognizable but delicious green bell peppers and onions and serving them with a little dollop (I love that word--don't you love that word...dollop dollop dollop) of sour cream on top. It's really really good that way--why doesn't anyone else do that? And if you ask for sour cream, boy they look at you weird (and I'm not so into being looked at weird). And don't be telling me it's because it's fattening and we're in a new health-conscious mode. Not where I go. Have you seen what else is on those plates? A little sour cream wouldn't make a damn bit of difference. What would it take? Scoop. Flick. Yum. Three steps. How hard is that?

See? These are the things that strike me as important. I don't know the ins and outs of why Rick Santorum lost, why George Allen almost won, whether it's the war that changed people's leanings, whether this is just a swing of a natural pendulum, or what. And aside from learning (for future reference, doncha know) what factors help to sway an election to a more liberal (not afraid of that word 'round these parts) stance (if that's indeed what happened, which I wouldn't swear by), I don't really care (gasp!). I'm glad that the Democrats are in the majority, I'm glad some bad-hearted people are out, and I'm really glad that lots and lots of people showed up to vote (which is always good for the Democrats, which says something right there). I'm not dancing in the streets (not that there's anything wrong with that), but I'm glad. Now slap some sour cream on those home fries and I'll be all set.

Oh, and I'm really really really glad that the referendum to outlaw excessive use of parentheses didn't pass. If you voted no, I thank you.

"Stand before the people you fear and speak your mind--even if your voice shakes"
--Maggie Kuhn

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